In Great Britain there are lots of places to visit. Most of ____ have something to show. London certainly takes ____ in popularity. There is so much ____ in the capital. For example, London’s ____, that are really famous. If you travel to the north of England, to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you’ll see ____ that once gave the name to the city and ____ across the River Tyne.York is famous for its beautiful ____, one of the largest in the northern Europe. In Wimbledon near London those interested in sport can find some ____ and play on them. The old city of Bath in the southwest of England is famous for some ____ which lots of tourists come to see.Brighton, a seaside resort, is popular with holidaymakers because of its ____. Stratford-on-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, has got ____. And Bristol is ____ from which ships sail to all parts of the world.

RbEn 6. Unit 2.7. What have these British cities got?



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