Can you explain this ____ to me? Only those who do nothing make no ____. She heard a strange ____. The highest ____ was a B+ for this test. Everything ____ for a reason. Many children are ____ of the dark. He is my ____. His name's Tom. The music was too ____. She is studying two____ languages at school: English and French. I'm not ____ of you! I don't have____ money. He was talking in a very ____ voice. Her ____ are a lot lower this term. My ____ are very friendly. They help me a lot. I can't remember this ____ so I make a lot of stupid ____. What will ____ will happen. I'm tired because of that ____. Everything that ____, happens for good. You should learn this ____. The book fell to the floor with a ____ bang. There are a lot of ____ students in Moscow. She always gets good ____. I am going to walk with my ____. Stop making ____! Everyone makes ____. He was ____ that the other kids would laugh at him. After the second lesson my ____ and I went to the History classroom.My friend gets bad ____ in geography. Do you know the ____ of the game? I can't hear you because of the ____. Anything can ____. There were no ____ in your dictation. Good job! Have you got a ____ passport? ____ of wild animal, be ____ of wild man. Actions speak ____ than words.

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