1) Kevin often _____ about his new computer. a) talks b) tells 2) Martin couldn't _____ the truth yesterday. a) tell b) say 3) Mary _____ both Italian and Spanish. a) says b) speaks 4) Molly wanted to _____ something important to you. a) tell b) say 5) Nobody ever _____ me anything. a) tells b) says 6) Everybody was listening attentively when the teacher _____ about our test. a) was talking b) was speaking 7) Could you _____ me the time, please? a) say b) tell 8) Don't you see he is ... a lie again? a) saying b) telling 9) Bob _____ his mother is good at singing. a) says b) tells 10) You mustn't _____ loudly in the library. a) say b) talk

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