Whose are those lorries? - They’re Ben’s lorries., Are those grey trousers yours or mine? - The grey ones are yours., Whose is that watch? - It’s Kim’s watch., Is that red phone yours or mine? - The red one’s mine., Are these dirty shoes Ben’s or Tom’s? - They’re Tom’s dirty shoes., Are these clean jeans Ann’s or Sue’s? - They’re Ann’s clean jeans., Is that brown bag May’s or Grace’s? - It’s May’s brown bag., Is this blue ruler Nick’s or Tony’s? - It’s Nick’s blue ruler., Are those short socks yours or his? - The short ones are mine., Are those long socks mine or hers? - The long ones are hers., Is that black phone yours or hers? - The black one’s hers., Are these big books yours or his? - The big ones are mine., Are those fat white mice his or hers? - The fat white ones are his., Is this purple T-shirt mine or his? - The purple one’s his., Is that small red camera Jill’s or Lucy’s? - The small red one’s Jill’s.,

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