1) I _____ live near here. a) not b) don't c) doesn't 2) ____ English? a) Are they speak b) Speak they c) Do they speak 3) My sister _____ three children a) has b) have c) haves 4) ______ your sister work? a) Does b) Do c) Is 5) A: Do you work here? B: Yes, I ____. a) work b) do c) am 6) A: What _____? B: He's an engineer. a) he does b) does he c) does he do 7) What languages _______? a) speak you b) do you speak c) you speak 8) Bill is______. a) Carla's husband b) husband's Carla c) the Carla's husband 9) This is my ______ house. a) parents b) parent's c) parents' 10) ______ is this book? a) Who's b) Who c) Whose 11) We usually have lunch ____ 2 o'clock. a) at b) in c) on 12) What time do you go ___ bed? a) in b) to c) at 13) She ______ never late for class. a) never is b) is never c) isn't never 14) I _____ early. a) usually get up b) get usually up c) get up usually 15) I have an English class _____. a) one a week b) one the week c) once a week




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