1) A group of sentences about the same idea is called... a) a title. b) a paragraph. 2) You use it for looking up words you don't know. It's a... a) dictionary. b) textbook. 3) You usually flick through... a) magazines. b) novel. 4) The outside part of a book is called a... a) chapter. b) cover. 5) Books about events that take place in the future are called... a) non-fiction. b) science-fiction (SF). 6) A book that you study from is called a... a) catalogue. b) textbook. 7) You ... a book from the library. a) lend b) borrow 8) You ... your favourite book to your friend. a) lend b) borrow 9) She's fond... fantasy books. a) up b) of c) out 10) I don't know this word. Let's look it ... in the dictionary. a) up b) at c) of 11) She often flicks... fashion magazines. a) up b) at c) through 12) I don't know which book to pick... All of them seem interesting. a) at b) up c) of



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