1) How much free time / have? What kind of books / like? What / do when you want to relax? What / like doing at weekends? How often / go to the cinema? What / your favourite kind of music?  2) What / you /do yesterday at 9 o'clock am ? What / your brother/ sister do at 5 o'clock last Saturday ? 3) Where / usually have breakfast? What time / usually leave home? What / usually do in the morning? What time / usually have lunch? What time / usually get home? What / usually do at weekends 4) What / do last night? What / have for dinner? What time / go to bed? How many hours / sleep last night? Who / dinner with yesterday?  5) What / his or her name? Where / live? How often / see him or her? What / do? Where / you meet for the first time? What / have in common? 6) Have you ever…? (be) to the UK? (see) a ghost? (break) your arm or leg? (fall) in love? (live) in a different place? (be) to a pop festival? 7) What time / now? What time / the class finish? When / birthday? What time / get up on Sundays? When / your next class? What / favourite day of the week? Why? What / the date yesterday? 8) What TV series / watching? What book / read at the moment? / it rain now? What / your teacher wearing? How / feeling right now? 9) Where / go after class? / watch TV this evening? When / do your homework? / go to bed early today? What time? Where / go this Saturday? 10) Where / you born? Where / your mother born? Where / you at 8.00 yesterday evening? Who / you with? What / your favourite food when you were little? / at home yesterday at 7.30 in the morning?

REVISION 1 (English File Elementary )

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