opportunistic - using situations for your own benefit, quick-tempered - likely to become angry very easily, methodical - systematic, careful, conscientious - putting a lot of effort into your work, chauvinistic - too patriotic, courageous - very brave, affectionate - showing feelings of liking or love, obliging - willing to help, superficial - never thinking about serious things, tactless - not careful about saying or doing sth that can upset others, stingy - unwilling to spend money, diligent - hard-working, placid - calm, doesn't easily become excited or angry, cunning - clever at getting what they want by tricking people, distrustful - not trusting sb or sth, industrious - sb who works hard, shrewd - having good judgement, down-to-earth - practical and realistic, morose - unhappy, annoyed, unwilling to speak or smile, sharp-tongued - sb who criticizes and speaks in a severe way,

Describing character and personality (Unit 8 - Advanced Vocabulary in Use)



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