extra money that is added to somebody's wages once a year, as a reward, encourage commitment to the company, make smb work more efficiently, a plan or system for encouraging people to do sth or to work harder by rewarding them, (n) something other than money that you are given because you have done sth good, worked hard, etc., make employees feel better about themselves and their work, about the things or benefits you receive for your results at work which you can't sell or exchange for anything, independence, to be recognised, to feel that people appreciate things that you do, the feature is used to award balance hours to employees who do not have any attendance violations in a specified period of time., an extra amount of money that is added to somebody's wages as a reward for regularly coming to work at the correct time, positive response, reaction, participation in activities outside of work that foster growth and learning, a general rule, principle, or piece of advice, a big number or a high percentage of workers who leave an organization and are replaced by new employees..

Business Result Uppers Unit 2 Motivation



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