Hollywood is ____ its film studios and for big, ____films ____ Star Wars, Titanic and The Avengers. A lot of people live there too. But it ____ very ____ in the past. In 1900, Hollywood was a small village ____ Los Angeles. There was a post office, a hotel, two shops - and 500 people. In 1911 there was ____ a police station and a little film studio. The film ____ was new, and films were very ____. A year ____, in 1912, there were fifteen studios in the town! Hollywood wasn't a ____ little town ____. It was ____ actors, and there were restaurants and cinemas. Today, Hollywood is ____ Los Angeles. There are ____ shopping centres, ____ hotels and theatres. ____ tourists visit Hollywood every year, and many go to Universal Studios. It's a ____ theme park and a ____ film studio. Hollywood is very ____ the small village of the past!



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