1) You lost your passport at the airport and couldn’t board the plane to go on holiday. 2) You forgot to water your plants and they died. 3) You missed a deadline and now you'll have to work all weekend. 4) You took advantage of a great job offer and went to work abroad. 5) You parked your car on a street in the city centre but didn’t see the ‘No parking sign’. Now you have to pay a parking fine. 6) You got a cold because you didn’t take an umbrella when it was raining outside. 7) You didn't lock the door in your countryhouse and an intruder broke in. 8) You didn't make an appointment with the dentist, and now you have a terrible toothache. 9) You wrote an angry message about your boss to your friend and accidentally sent it to the boss himself. 10) You came up with an idea for a new product and got promoted.



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