1) Canada is: a) a country b) a continent c) both 2) The capital of Canada is: a) Toronto b) Montreal c) Ottawa 3) The largest city in Canada is: a) Toronto b) Montreal c) Ottawa 4) The official languages in Canada are: a) English and French b) English and Spanish c) English and German 5) There are ____ million people in Canada. a) 370 b) 37 c) 17 6) Almost 90% of Canada is uninhabited. a) true b) false 7) Which country does Canada border to the south? a) The USA b) Mexico c) Russia 8) Greenland is part of: a) the USA b) Denmark c) Canada 9) Which coast is Vancouver on? a) north b) east c) west 10) What colours are on Canadian flag? a) red and yellow b) red and white c) yellow and white 11) What is in the middle of Canadian flag? a) a maple leaf b) a star c) a cross 12) In the past, Canada was a) a French colony. b) a British colony. c) a Spanish colony. 13) Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada, too. a) true b) false 14) The national tree of Canada is: a) oak b) maple c) pine 15) Which animals are official symbols of Canada? a) a beaver and a Canadian horse b) a moose and a bison c) a grizzly and a polar bear



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