Is there a concert hall near where you live?, Have you every taken a photo of a living statue? (If yes: When and where was it?), Have you ever given money to a busker? (If yes: When and where was it?), Have you ever seen a juggler in the street? (When and where was it?), Do you have a favourite mural in Moscow? (If yes: Where is it? What's on it?), Have you been to an exhibition this year? (If yes: What did you see?), Have you ever been to a concert hall? (If yes: What did you listen to? Did you enjoy it?), Are there any graffiti near where you live? (If yes: Are they good? What's on them?), Are there any sculptures at New School? (If yes, say, where they are and what they are of), Have you ever talked to a portrait painter? (If yes: Did he paint your portrait?).

Eyes Open 3 Unit 3 Art around us Speaking




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