1) I hope the ... of this college will attract young people to our town. a) establishtion b) establishment c) establisher d) establish 2) The ... of this country is mainly English-speaking. a) population b) populatment c) populater d) populate 3) And our ... goes to Miss Helen Grove. a) awardation b) awardment c) awarder d) award 4) It happened on the Canadian ... . a) borderation b) borderment c) border d) borderer 5) Last year we celebrated the ... of our city museum. a) foundation b) foundment c) founder d) found 6) The ... passed a new law. a) governation b) government c) governer d) govern 7) The ideal ... of the new block of flats makes them very expensive. a) situation b) situatement c) situater d) situate 8) I like this place from the ... . a) startation b) startment c) starter d) start 9) May I invite you to the ... of my 20th birthday? a) celebration b) celebratement c) celebrater d) celebrate



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