As a freelancer, I spend most of my time at home working on the computer. I’m often up ____ as I’m a night owl, but also because some of my clients are in different time zones. Being a ____, I am not ____ in the morning and would love to ____ with someone who is equally fond of sleeping in and isn’t ____ before 10 or 11! I’m a ____ with quite a few close friends but prefer to go out with them rather than ____; at home, I mostly keep ____. I don’t like to ____ serious conversations but I can ____ when having a meal together. Although I am quite ____ cleanliness and try to ____ around the house, I sometimes fail to do some chores due to lack of time. When it comes to food, I'm quite ____ because I mostly eat heathy, so I'd be rather put off by someone frying everything! I’m a good cook and love to cook for others, but I’m a bit ____ and insist on expenses being split fairly. My hobbies include reading, doing crafts, and watching movies, so they’re pretty quiet and won’t disturb anyone.



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