Jethro Tull was an 18th century engineer who ____ the seed dril (сеялка) in 1730. Influenced by the Age of Enlightenment, he was one of the early proponents of a scientific ____ to agriculture and helped transform ____ practices by inventing or improving ____. His seed drill was very important and helped to improve farming. Thanks to such agricultural machinery ____ production rose fast. The ____ and cleverness of such people as Tull produced a lot of new tools, machines and ____. Their use made it possible for England to begin ____ in grain, continue it successfully and become richer. But many farm workers lost their jobs as new machines needed fewer men. So in some parts of the country people ____ stones and used them as ____ to destroy the new machines. Thus, though the ____ revolution was progressive, it led to mass emigration and made many people suffer. Nowadays some people think that computers and ____ can bring about a new Industrial Revolution.



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