1) My mum is a doctor. She works 12 hours per day. She is ____.2) Yesterday I was at our new classmate's party. His name is Din. He invited everyone in our class. He is so ____. 3) Tina always knows where she put things. She is very ____. 4) Mary works in pet shop. She likes animals. She always feed animals in street. She is ____. 5) That old man helps people in hospital. He brings some clothes, food. He even gives people money. He is very ____. 1) Luke said me yesterday that I was ____ because I didn't want to do my home project. He is ____. He always says the truth.2) Stella thinks she is the best student in the class because she is rich. But she is just ____. I gave her my homework yesterday and she even didn't say 'Thank you'. She is ____. 3) Jen looks so ____in these glasses. She looks like a teacher. 4) Peter was waiting me for an hour at the shop! He is so ____! 5) When I first met her, she was so ____, but she is actually not, she is very talkative.

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