1) Make these sentences negative 1) My cousins were in that new art gallery last week. 2) We had a drink with our friends last Friday  2) Fill in the questions with ‘are’ of ‘ do’ 1) What ____ their jobs? 2) What ___ they do? 3) Make question of these words 1) you/ usually/ what/ do/ read/ in the evening? 4) Give the positive and negative short answers 1) Are you wearing trousers today? 2) Are your classmates looking at the screen now?  5) Make a sentence with the words 1) her/ Molly/ has/diet/friends / than/ healthier  6) Say the opposite 1)noisy;2)full; 3)clean;4)disgusting 7) Say 10 words for places 8) Say 10 words for family 9) Say 4 verb collocations with do 10) Say 15 words for daily routines 11) Say 7 prepositions of place 12) Say the opposites 1)leave;2)break;3) lend money to Smb ;4) win a match;5)miss a train; 6) remember a name;7)lose the key;8)teach English;9) pass the exam 13) Complete these collocations 1) _ sightseeing;2)_ camping;3) _abroad;4) ____ skiing;5)____ an apartment;6) ___photos; ____ on the beach; ____ flights 14) Name 8 items of clothes 15) Name 5 types of material 16) Name 5 types of pattern 17) Say these dates 13th January, 22nd June, 19th February 18) If I (find) a good job, I ( move) to the USA, but I don’t have good offers. 19) I like cycling, but I ( not/cycle) to work if I ( have) a car. 20) We ( see) our son more often if he ( live) nearer.




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