Are you ... in the morning or in the afternoon? (productive), When you feel stressed, what do you do to feel ...? (calm), If you wanted to get ... you are now, what would you do? (fit), Are you ... during the week or at weekends? (busy), What's ... you've ever travelled? (far), If you have a technical problem, who is ... person you know to help you? (good), Do you find listening to English ... speaking English? (easy), Who's ... English speaker in your family? (fluent), Where do you use English ..., at work or in everyday life? (often), What's ... thing about learning English? (difficult), Which do you think is ..., shopping online or shopping in real shops? (convenient), Which part of the day is ... for you? (relaxing), What is ... innovation of the last 100 years? (great), Do you eat ... now than in the past? (healthily), Which do you think is ..., a laptop or a tablet? (practical).



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