spend time ... your own - spend time on your own, come from .... backgrounds - come from similar/different backgrounds, get ... smb's nerves - get on smb's nerves, have a lot ... common with - have a lot in common with, enjoy each other's company - to like spending time with each other, get ... drink - get a drink, get ... job - get a job, get ... letter - get a letter, ... better/worse - get better/worse, to ... dressed - to get dressed, to ... home - to get home, to ... married - to get married, to ... older - to get older, get ... know - get to know, to ... upset/angry - to get upset/angry, have ... argument - have an argument, get ready ... - get ready for, share an interest ... - share an interest in, to spend time ... friends - to spend time with friends, see each other ... school - see each other after school, have the same sense of humour - find the same things funny, get ... pet - get a pet, adopted - taken by the foster family, adoption - the legal process when parents take another person's child into their family, aunt - the sister of your father or mother, behind - in back of, best friend - the one friend who is closest to you,



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