Have you ever taken a photo of a living statue? (When and where was it?), Have you ever given money to a busker? (When and where was it?), Have you ever seen a juggler in the street? (When and where was it?), Do you have a favourite mural in your city? (Where is it? What's on it?), Have you been to an exhibition this year? (What did you see?), Have you ever been to a concert hall? (What did you listen to? Did you enjoy it?), Have you ever talked to a portrait painter? (Did he paint your portrait?), Is there any graffiti near where you live? (Is it good? What is it?), Have you ever seen ancient sculptures? (Where did you see them?), Have you ever seen a famous painting? (What was it? Where did you see it?).

Eyes Open 3 Unit 3 Art around us Questions



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