1) The orca is fast, but the shark is ____. a) the fastest b) faster c) fast 2) Whales are big. They're ______ animals in the world. a) big  b) bigger c) the biggest 3) The seal is fat, but sea lion is ___________. a) fat b) fatter c) the fattest 4) Amina is young. She is _____ student in the group. a) the youngest b) young c) younger 5) My bag is heavy, but his bag is _______ than mine. a) heavy b) the heaviest c) heavier 6) Egor is friendly. He is ______ boy at school a) friendlier b) the friendliest c) friendly 7) My eel is long, but her eel is ________ than mine. a) the longest b) longer c) long 8) Matvey is tall. He is _____ in the group. a) tall b) taller c) the tallest 9) His cake is good, but her cake is ______ than his. a) better b) the best c) good 10) Tom's test is bad, it is ________ in the class. a) worse b) the worsest c) bad




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