1) You need a passport to cross the ___ between Mexico and the United States. a) edge b) line c) border d) rim 2) The hotel where we are ___ is quite luxurious. a) living b) remaining c) existing d) staying 3) When you ___ your destination, your tour guide will meet you at the airport. a) arrive b) get c) reach d) achieve 4) It can be quite busy here during the tourist ___ a) season b) period c) phase d) stage 5) David ___ me to the train station every morning. a) goes b) takes c) has d) makes 6) I always enjoy our school ___ to France. a) excursion b) journey c) trip d) travel 7) Hurry up, or we'll ___ the bus! a) avoid b) miss c) drop d) lose 8) The broschure says that the hotel has a great ___ of the sea. a) appearance b) look c) sight d) view 9) I must remember to ___ a souvenir back from Spain for my grandmother. a) go b) take c) bring d) keep 10) The ___ from London to Berlin is about 919 kilometres. a) measure b) length c) gap d) distance 11) Make sure you ___ a hotel before you come to our island, especially in the summer. a) book b) keep c) put d) take 12) I live in Barcelona, but my ___ town is Madrid. a) birth b) home c) native d) origin

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