amused - I took a lot of toys to keep the children ___ , afraid - I'm ___ I won't get the job, embarrassed - She was very ___ when her son behaved badly in public, fed up - I'm ___ with his excuses, he never does his homework, ashamed - You ought to be ___ of your behaviour! Talking to your mother like that!, confused - I'm a bit ___: was that her husband or her son?, delighted - Jess was ___ with her new dress, disappointed - Alex was totally ___ about his result. He had expected an A but he only got a C, irritated - I was ____ that he didn't thank me., jealous - Anna feels ___ every time someone looks at her boyfriend, relieved - I was so ___ to hear my sister was out of danger., proud - I'm so ___ of you. You're at the top of your class in maths,



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