1) My sister _____ rabbits. a) like b) likes 2) My mom ____ chicken for dinner. a) cook b) cooks 3) My friends ____ football. a) don't play b) doesn't play 4) Cats ____ milk. a) drink b) drinks 5) My dad _____ to Madonna. a) don't listen b) doesn't listen 6) I ___ a garden. a) don't have b) don't has 7) We ____ housework on Sundays. a) don't do b) doesn't do 8) Elephants ____ vegetables. a) eat b) eats 9) Billy ____ sorry for being late. a) doesn't say b) don't say 10) Lions ___ meat every day. a) need b) needs 11) Sarah____ economics at the university. a) studies b) study 12) The Collins____ in a flat. a) don't live b) doesn't live



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