Turn left, Turn right, Go back, Traffic light, Hurry, Roundabout, Get lost, Go straight on, Petrol station, The theatre, It's near here, Are we lost?, The train station, Let's look at the map, Again, We have to go back, The show starts in five minutes, We're going to be late, Come on, We have to hurry, Are you going to the theatre?, We can take you, We won't be late, The bridge, Forget-forgot-forgotten, Get wet, In the middle of the square, We can't find the station, We're holding the map, Upside down, The duck, It's coming out of the water, Hide behind the rock, Quick, Comic, Picnic, Neck, Clock, Plastic, Shadow, Puppet, China, Still, Wall, A growling tiger, Shape, Put, On top of your hand, Finger, Lift up your thumb, Don't forget, The first door, The second door, The third door, An empty bag, Corner, Cut out, Paws, Stick, Catch the bus, Take a test, Straw, Popular, Part, The world, Important, Event, Describe, Traditional, Story, Nowadays, Modern, The puppets are made, Skin, Camel, Indonesia, Puppeteer, Make puppets move, Wooden sticks, Back, Dark, Bright lights, A screen, Behind, Voice, Hand shadow, Using your hands.



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