1) BASE jumping is an extreme sport. It is __________ to skydiving, but there are important differences. a) alike b) like c) similar 2) Firstly, the jumps are much lower - usually no more than six hundred metres. And econdly, there is no aircraft. ______________, participants jump from some kind of bridge, building or cliff. a) However b) Otherwise c) Instead 3) The first BASE jump took ____________ in 1912 in New York, when Frederick Law jumped from the Statue of Liberty. a) part b) place c) off 4) In the 1960s and 70s, the sport became more popular, partly _______________ to film-maker Carl Boenish. a) because b) according c) thanks 5) He made documentaries about BASE jumping and also _________________ of the name. a) invented b) decided c) thought 6) He died in 1984 _______________ he was jumping in Norway. a) while b) also c) reason 7) BASE jumping is a thrilling experience, but it is very risky ______________. a) finally b) too c) instead



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