If you were on the programme Secret Millionaire, what kind of volunteer work would you get involved ____?, What percentage of your salary would you donate _____ charity, if you earnt €50,000 a year?, Would you tell all your friends if you unexpectedly came ____ a large sum of money?, If you swapped places with a homeless person for a week, how do you think you would benefit ____ the experience?, If you ran a company which was ____ danger ____ going bankrupt, how could you try to turn business around?, How would you feel if your children valued you more _____ your money than your love?, If your best friend was hard up and desperately needed money, would you dip _____ your savings to help him/her?, Which item would you miss most if you had to wave goodbye ____ all your personal possessions?, If a friend intentionally ripped you _____, would you ever be able to have confidence ____ him/her again?, Would you consider forging a relationship ____ someone well-off if you were completely broke?.

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