Do you like my hat? I ____ it on my holiday to the Isle of Harris. It’s made from a traditional ____ material, called tweed.This is the Isle of Harris. It’s an ____ in Scotland. People started to make tweed here two hundred years ____ and they still make it here today. People ____ tweed to make all sorts of different clothes, like these jackets, hats and bags. Tweed ____ from wool. In the past, people from the Isle of Harris dyed the wool using a ____ plant called lichen. They found the lichen on rocks around the island. First, they ____ the wool and lichen together and then they added water. Next, they heated the ____ on a fire. The wool has changed colour. Look at all the colours you can make from ____ plants. There are yellows, greens and browns.This man is using ____ special machine called a loom to make the wool into tweed. The tailor ____ the material into shapes to make clothes. Tweed is ____ in the UK and around the world. Look at these modern tweed ____; they are very colourful. Don’t they look ____! I love the different colours.

Go Getter (4)_Get Culture_The history of tweed




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