1) You were very ________________ when your best friend moved to America. You cried all day. a) upset b) ashamed c) bored 2) Megan was ________________ of the big, angry dog. a) frightened b) bored c) suspisious 3) My brother was ________________ when the doctor said he was OK. a) relieved b) curious c) dissappointed 4) The old man talked about the same thing for over an hour – we were very ________________. a) curious b) upset c) bored 5) Thanks for inviting me to your party next week – I’m really ________________ about it! a) excited b) ashamed c) curious 6) My mum was ________________ when my brother didn't come home on time. a) relieved b) anxious c) embarrased 7) The sports teacher was very ________________ of us when we won the match.T a) proud b) envious c) upset 8) You were extremely ________________ when you watched that sad film last week. You cried! a) upset b) proud c) envious 9) I was ________________ when I dropped my tray of food in the canteen. a) envious b) disspainted c) embarrased 10) We were ________________ when we passed the test because it was quite difficult. a) confused b) relieved c) upset



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