The men shouldn't have - ignored the locals' advice., The climbers should have - taken more supplies., Pritchard could have been - killed by the fall., Larsen could have - left Pritchard for dead., On his way back across the desert, Larsen - could have died., When he came round, Pritchard thought, - "If only I hadn't slipped on that rock!", Without the water, Pritchard wouldn't have - known Larsen had gone to find help., Pritchard wished - Larsen would come back soon., Pritchard could have - died in the 4 days it took to bring back help., If Pritchard hadn't been flown to a hospital, - he might not have survived., If Pritchard hadn't lived through this, - he wouldn't have become a nurse.,

Survival Story (Cutting Edge Int. Mod12) - should/could/would have



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