1) We already ... to the pupils. a) spoke b) have spoken 2) They haven't eaten their lunch. a) already b) yet 3) My brother ... me his computer on my birthday. a) gave b) has given 4) The boys ... the race very quickly. a) ran b) have run 5) He ... a little kitten the other day. a) brought b) has brought 6) I ... my test when you were sick. a) wrote b) have written 7) When ... doing your home exercises? a) did you begin b) have you begun 8) We never ... this rule. a) followed b) have followed 9) Have you ever been ... Australia? a) to b) in 10) The train just ... the railway station. a) arrived in b) has arrived at c) arrived at d) has arrived in 11) ... you ever ... in the Pacific Ocean? a) Did ... swim b) Have ... swum 12) Alice: ... South America? He knows so much about it. a) Has Jack been to b) Was Jack in 13) Bob: Yes, he ... . a) was b) has 14) Alice: When ... there? a) has he been b) was he 15) Bob: Jack ... there only a few months ago. a) has been b) was 16) Andrew: What ... , Paul? You look terrible. a) has happened b) happened 17) Paul: Can't you see? I ... my leg a) have broken b) broke 18) Andrew: When ... it, Paul? a) have you broken b) did you break 19) Paul: It ... the other day a) has happened b) happened 20) Jenny has ... out. Ask Paul to help you. a) gone b) been

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