1. Inspector Montgomery's sudden termination of the interview had ____ her ____ initially, but now she understood his strategy.2. The train was so ____ that I couldn't find a seat. 3. The new intern really ____ ____ ____ her work here. The boss is even considering offering her a permanent position. 4. It's ____, having to go upstairs to make coffee every time. 5. Major airports will need new runways to relieve ____. 6. We ____ ____ in the shadows to avoid being seen by him. 7. Overall, this is a ____ and passionate book that nicely weaves together its strands of description and normative interpretation. 8. Bert and I made the really____ oak coffin with all the best trimmings and furniture. 9. The store will benefit from its base of ____ customers to whom various other products will be sold in due course. 10. I know a ____ ____ about golf, but I suppose you could know more. 11. It started out as a small 60's style ____ house with one bathroom, and we tore it down and rebuilt it as 3,600 square feet home with five bedrooms and three bathrooms.



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