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Communication is regarded as a lifeblood of business., Communication is mainly the exchange of information between two or more parties., Communication also brings dynamism in organizational activities and helps in attaining goals., Realistic plans and policies require adequate and relevant information., The managers collect required information from reliable sources through communication., Through effective communication, managers can collect information from different corners and can make the right decisions., In order to disseminate the plans and policies to the internal and external parties, managers rely on communication., Communication helps to increase employee's efficiency, Effective communication helps the employees at all levels to be conscious and attentive., Communication ensures timely accomplishment of jobs and easy achievement of goals., Communication plays a vital role in creating and maintaining good industrial relation., The organization that can communicate better, can also sell better, Effective communication allows smooth flow of information among various parties involved in the negotiation or transaction., If there is free and fair flow of information in the organization, it will certainly bring mutual understanding between management and workers., Effective communication helps the managers to be aware of the performance of their subordinates..



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