Group 1: make a booking, have a walk outside, get married, make dinner for my family, sleep well at night, watch news on TV, clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom, get up at 10, walk to work, go out with friends, visit my sister, go outside, take a train, relax after work, go to the cinema, take photos, have dinner with my family, go on holiday, read a magazine, see a photo of my friend, go to the gym, do exercise at home, see the dentist, buy a new smartphone, stay in a good hotel, use a cash machine, have a busy day, study English, have a day-off, Group 2: yesterday, last week, last month, last year, last summer, two days ago, three days ago, yesterday morning, at the weekend, on Saturday, last night, on Sunday afternoon, this morning, this afternoon, on Friday evening, on Monday morning, last week, last week, last weekend, last Friday,



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