1) I'm bored.I haven't got ______to do. a) anything b) anyone c) anywhere 2) I went to the new shop in the town but I bought_____. a) no one b) nothing c) nowhere 3) Do you have ____in your bag? a) everyone b) everything c) everywhere 4) Are you busy?I'm looking for___to walk home with me. a) someone b) somewhere c) something 5) Where are your friends?There's ___in the classroom. a) nothing b) nowhere c) no one 6) They decided to go _____near a beach for their holiday. a) someone b) something c) somewhere 7) I am leaving because there isn't ____where to sit. a) any b) some c) every 8) there isn't ___one in my class who speaks German. a) no b) every c) any 9) ___one in my school studies English . a) every b) any c) some 10) Was there ___thing interesting on TV last night? a) every b) some c) any 11) My favourite place is___where I can play football. a) some b) any c) no



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