island - A piece of land surrounded by water., canal - A long, narrow area of water where boats can travel., volcano - A mountain with a hole in the top. Sometimes hot liquid comes out of it., beach - An area of sand that you walk on before you go into the sea., windmill - A building with parts that turn round in the wind to produce the electricity., planet - A very big, round object in space that moves around the Sun or a star., caravan - A vehicle with wheels that you can live or sleep in., cave - A large natural hole in the side of a hill., forest - A large area with lots of trees., lighthouse - A tower with a bright light near the sea that tells ship.s when something is dangerous, barge - A boat that travels on canals., manor - A very large house in the countryside., hotel - A place where people sleep on holiday., treehouse - A small wooden building in a tree.,

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