The first photo ____ three teenage girls and a boy. I think they’re at a music ____. They are walking down a ____ path. In the second photo, I can see a street ____ at night. It can’t be in Britain because some of the shop ____ aren’t in English. ____the foreground, a young man and woman are walking ____ the street. In the background, there are a few other people. Both photos ____ people in their free time. One ____ difference is that the first photo is taken during the day and the second photo is ____ at night. In the first photo, it must be a rainy day because they’re wearing raincoats. In the second photo, it must be a cold night because the people are wearing winter coats and scarves.In the first photo the people don’t ____ very happy, ____ the girl in the middle and the boy in the background. ____ they’re feeling fed up because of the weather. In the second photo, the man and woman are probably ____ cold, but not unhappy. In the first photo, I can see a big ____ of people in a very wide street. They’re standing on the ____ and they’re watching a parade. There are lots of ____.The second photo shows a group of four people. I think they are in a ____. They are walking ____ us. They’re wearing raincoats and boots. The common theme in the photos is festivals. The people in the second photo are at a music festival and the people ____ the first photo are at a street festival, I think. One obvious ____ is the weather. In ____ first photo, it is warm and ____, but in the second photo it’s rainy. The people in the second photo ____ look very happy – probably because of the bad ____. I can’t really see the ____ on the faces of the people in the first photo, but I ____ they’re happy as they are at a festival and the weather ____ fine.




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