1. When she was nine years old, her mother and father died of ____.2. Mary quickly became a very difficult and ____ little girl. 3. She was so ____ that none of the Crawford children wanted to play with her. 4. Her uncle was a ____. 5. Mary's mother was pretty and ____. 6. When Marry arrives in England, she was met in London by Mr Craven's ____. 7. Her black dress made her look more yellow than ever, and her hair hung down ____ underneath her hat. 8. "I've never seen such a ____ looking child in my life", Mts Medlock thought to herself. 9. The place, where Mary had to live, was big and grand, but very ____. 10. The house was six hundred years old, and it was on the edge of the ____. 11. Mr Craven had a ____ back.



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