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Did you go abroad these winter holidays? Why/Why not?, What new hobbies/activities did you take up?, Did you read or start reading any books? What kind of books did you read or start reading?, Have all your plans come true? , Do you like winter? why/why not?, Do you like to travel in winter? Where do you usually go?, What’s your favourite mean of transport in winter?, Do you enjoy taking photos in winter? , Do you prefer to spend your holidays in an active way or a passive one? Why?, Do you usually go to the same place every year in winter?, What New years plans did you have?, Are you happy that you came back to school yesterday?, What did you do when you feel bored on winter holidays?, Do you like skiing / snowboarding / skating? Why/why not? , What is better: summer or winter? Why?, What did you use to do on your winter holidays when you were a child? , What presents did you get for New Year?, Do you like New Year's Day?, What presents did your give to your parents and friends for New Year?, Is your Christmas Tree still decorated?, What did you have for New Year's dinner?, What is your favourite food for New Year's dinner?, Who did you celebrate New Year's Day with?, Did you help to cook New Year's dinner? What did you do?, Did you and your family set off fireworks? Would you like to do it?, What is your favourite winter activity? on your own? with your family? with your friends?, How many kilograms of tangerines did you eat on winter holidays?, What are traditional salads in your family at New Year?.



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