Coca-Cola (make) with colouring so it's not green, Alaska (buy) from Russia for $7 million in 1867, The Statue of Liberty (give) to the USA by Great Britain in 1886, In 2006 , a whale (see) swimming in the River Thames in London., The 1st underground system in the world (build) in London in the 1860s, Potatoes (not grow) in Europe until 1536., NECESSARY (spell) incorrectly more than any other word in English, The Da Vinci Code (write) by Paolo Coelho, The giant panda (find) only in two countries _China and Burma, The British prime minister (choose) by the queen or king, The 1st photo (take) by the Chinese in the early 1700s, In Sweden, coffee (drink) by children on their birthday., The Mona Lisa (steal) in 1911 and lost for 2 years., HAPPY BIRTHDAY (sing) more than any other English song, In some parts of Wales, sheep (ride) by local farmers for transport., Queen Elizabeth II went to hospital in 1991 after she (bite) by one of her dogs., English school children (not teach) foreign languages at school. .




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