Britain has a variety of ____. In Scotland there are beautiful ____, including Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the country. Loch Morar, the UK’s ____ lake with a ____ of 310 metres, and Galloway Forest, the country’s ____ forest ____ around 770 square kilometres, are here too. Wales is ____ its long ____, and England has the beautiful Lake District ____ and long, ____ beaches ____ and ____ the south. But the UK is also a small island. ____ there are ____ rivers, including the Thames, which ____ London, and ____, there are no deserts or volcanos. So when British people think of a ____ and dangerous landscape, they often think of ____, a ____ landscape that is usually very, very wet. There are small, ____ streams, but no big rivers, and ____ the area is ____, there are ____ to stop the wind. So it is often cold, dark and ____, but it’s beautiful too. Dartmoor is a famous area of ____ in Devon, ____ the ____ of England. It ____ 954 ____ kilometres, but ____ nobody lives here. There are ____ or farms where people live, but there are the ____ of small ____ and caves. People built these when they were living here thousands of years ago. Sherlock Holmes hides in these ruins in The Hound of the Baskervilles. In Conan Doyle’s ____, the area of Dartmoor is a ____. People ____ come here to see the landscape that ____ in the story. Yorkshire, ____, is also famous ____ its ____. Although not many people live here, the ____ are very ____ tourists. They come for the beautiful ____, ____ and ____ views. This landscape is also ____ of British culture and literature. The author Emily Brontë ____ the moors famous in her novel Wuthering Heights. She often came here ____ she was writing and many of the story’s ____ are ____ or near the moors. The landscape is also a symbol of the ____ of the characters. Of course, not all of the UK’s ____ is wild or dangerous. The Lake District isn’t ____ the moors, but it’s very different. Some of the UK’s highest mountains and biggest lakes are here. The scenery is ____ and over 12 million tourists visit the Lake District every year. Like the moors, it’s also an ____ for artists and writers. Beatrix Potter wrote lots of popular ____ like The Tale of Peter Rabbit. In 1905, she ____ Hill Top farm near Lake Windermere. She was living here when she wrote many of her ____ The Lake ____ and the moors show ____ of the British ____. They are very different, but they are ____ ____, and they both have an important place in British literature.



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