episode - I’ve got every _________________ of the Simpsons on DVD. I love it., character - My favourite _________________ in the Harry Potter films is Draco Malfoy., documentary - Last night I watched a __________________ about animals in the desert., series - My favourite TV _________________ is Once Upon a Time. I watch it every week., animation - I watched an old Disney ______________ on TV last week. It was called Lady and the Tramp., actor - I’d like to be an______________ in films, but not in the theatre., audience - The play was good, but some people in the ______________ were talking and it was difficult to hear., fairy tale - It was a ________________ __________________ about fairies and wizards., comedy - It was a really good ________________ and I laughed a lot., review - I wanted to watch the film because I had read a very good _________________ of it online., action - It was an exciting _________________ film with an amazing car chase through the streets of New York., hit - The song was really popular and it was a big _______________for the band.,




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