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Make a compost heap in the garden with fruit and vegetable material., Try to repair broken things before you replace them., Give the old item to someone who can use it., Don't throw away empty jars and bottles, use them to store other things., Always switch off the lights when you leave an empty room., Use light bulbs that save energy., Turn down the heating and put on warmer clothes if you're cold., Only buy what you really need., Try the 30-day rule - if you see something and still want it 30 days later, then you can buy it., Avoid buying things you do not need by writing a shopping list before you go., Take your own bags to put the shopping in., Buy things with simple packaging that can easily be recycled., Choose products with no packaging at all., If you are preparing a packed lunch to eat at school, take a sandwich in a reusable lunchbox, juice in a reusable bottle, Try to cut down on the amount of paper you use., Use both sides of the paper and then recycle it. , Encourage your friends to cut down on waste., Start a 'Use Less Stuff' campaign at your school..

Eliminate waste - protect environment



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