1) I would never do something like skydiving because I don't enjoy _____. a) taking risks b) summing up c) getting hold of it 2) How would you _____ her personality just in few words. a) make up b) take up c) sum up 3) Sometimes when I arrive home late I _______ an excuse to tell my parents why I am late. a) make up b) take up c) sum up 4) Diego ______ how to answer the question in the test because he hadn't studied for it. a) had a go b) had no clue c) kept a promise 5) I can't trust you because you don't ________. a) keep your promises b) take up c) sum up 6) I need to get fitter so I'm thinking of _______ jogging. a) making up b) summing up c) taking up 7) We can play football during our break if I can ______ a ball. a) not have a clue of b) make up of c) get hold of

Phrasal verbs - Complete FCE - Unit 2



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