What did you buy yesterday?, Where did you travel in summer?, How did you travel home today?, When did you last buy a book?, Why did you laugh today?, What's your favourite pet?, Who was your best friend 2 years ago?, What's your favourite school subject?, What are you good at?, How did you help your mum last week?, What's your favourite dish?, What food do you hate?, When is your birthday?, When do you usually go to sleep?, What is your favourite TV show?, What is your hobby?, What was your hobby 2 years ago?, Where are you going to study next year?, What are you going to buy next month?, Where are you going to travel next summer?, What are you reading now?, What did you have for breakfast?, What are you going to do on Sunday?, Why did you laugh last week?, Why did you feel sad last time?, What did you feel sorry for last time?, What is the weather outside?, What is your favourite weather?, Where did you buy your clothes?, Who did you meet last month?.



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