sand - This is yellow. You can play with it or run on it on the beach., sea - This is blue. There's a lot of water in it and you can swim there., beach - When it's hot and sunny in summer, it's good to go there., mountain - This is a very big and high rock., sun - This is yellow and hot. It is in the sky., shell - You can see it on the sand or in the sea. They can be different colours. Children like playing with them on the beach., sunglasses - They are usually black. You put them on your eyes when it's sunny., hat - You put it on your head when it's sunny., icecream - You can eat it. It's very cold and yummy. It can be pink, white or brown. , ship - It is a very big boat. People travel on this boat in the sea. , mat - When you go to the beach, you put it on the sand and sit or lie down on it. , sandcastle - It is a small house that you build on the beach. ,



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