1) You must take an umbrella. It ......... a) It is going to rain b) It is raining c) It will rain 2) I ....... to the cinema tonight. I already have a ticket. a) I am going to the cinema b) I am going to go to the cinema. c) I will go to the cinema. 3) Are you planning any summer holiday? - I don't know yet. Perhaps I .....  at home. a) Perhaps, I am going to stay at home. b) Perhaps,I will stay at home. c) Perhaps,I am staying at home. 4) You look pretty tired. You should have a break. - OK. I ..... a rest. a) I am going to have a rest. b) I will have a rest. c) I am having a rest. 5) Mark is going to driving lessons, because he .... a car. a) he is buying a car. b) he will buy a car. c) he is going to buy a car. 6) I've just missed my train! - No problem. I ...  you there. a) I will drive you there. b) I am driving you there. c) I am going to drive you there. 7) Please, buy some eggs. I ... a cake. a) I am going to make a cake. b) I am making a cake. c) I will make a cake. 8) What does your son want to do in future? - I guess he ...  a dentist. a) He will become a dentist. b) He is going to become a dentist. c) He is becoming a dentist. 9) Not at five o'clock! Look at the diary. We ...  Mr. Clark at three o'clock. a) We are meeting Mr. Clark at three o'clock. b) We will meet Mr. Clark at three o'clock. c) We are going to meet Mr. Clark at three o'clock. 10) My dad has already booked the holiday. We ...  to France on 2 July. a) We are going to fly to France on 2 July. b) We will fly to France on 2 July. c) We are flying to France on 2 July.

to be going to/Future Simple/Present Continuous




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