Can you say three things you can do on an IPod?, Can you say the days of the week in 10 seconds?, Can you sleep a) in a bus or a plane? b) with the light on?, Can you a) play tennis? b) play chess? c) swim 2 km?, Can you make a) spaghetti? b) a cake? c) a cocktail?, Can you read a) in another language? b) in a car or a bus?, Can you say 'I love you' in three languages?, Can you say three things you can do with your mobile?, Can you say three things you can do on a Friday night in your town?, Can you say three things you can do in your country when you are 18?, What does this sign mean?, What does this sign mean?, Can you play a musical instrument?, Can you spell these numbers in words correctly? a) 8 b) 15 c) 30, Can you easily remember a) people's names? b) birthdays?, Can you do these things on a computer? a) use Photoshop? b) desighn a webpage?, Can you park easily? a) in the street otside your house? b) in the city centre?, Can you remember the opposite of these adjectives? a) full b) strong c) dangerous, Can you count from 1 to 100 in tens?, Can you spell your name and address in English?, Can you count down from 20 to 1 in ten seconds?.



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