Are there many MATURE STUDENTS in your country? How common is it for someone to get a university degree when they are older?, Were you a STRAIGHT A STUDENT when you were at school? Did your parents or your school provide incentives for you to get good grades?, Were you a well-behaved student? Did you ever PLAY TRUANT? What excuses did you make and what did you do instead of going to class?, How easy was it to GET INTO your school or college/university? Can you remember your entrance exams?, How studious were you at school or university? Did you use to PORE OVER your coursebooks? Has this served you well?, Have you ever considered studying abroad? How reasonable are the TUITION FEES for international students? Do you think a university education is worth drowning in STUDENT LOANS for?, What was the most valuable thing you got from your university/college (or school) experience?, Apart from this course, have you taken part in any kind of CONTINUING EDUCATION? How important is it for professionals to update and upgrade their skills?, What was the most challenging thing you faced during your school or college/university experience?, Why did you choose to be on this course? What good study habits are going to help you EXCEL and not FALL BEHIND?.

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